Illustration Friday – "Poise"

A little break from the robots, today. I finished Series 1 of the Robot World, which are going to be on loan to the Museum of Science in Boston for a bit. Not sure of exactly when they’ll be on display, but I’ll let you guys know the details when I do, so if any of you are in the Boston area you can go visit them! So a little break before I start Series 2. This doll dancer was a creation from a while back–she was a character in a book I was collaborating on–so I decided to reinterpret her in watercolor.… [ KEEP READING ]

Illustration Friday – "Instinct"

My plan was to have another in the watercolor robots series for you here today, but I didn’t have time to draw today. So I present to you the commissioned graphic for a t-shirt I just finished, instead. Don’t blame the giant space squid when he has you for dinner, he’s just acting on Instinct! PS: Anti-Vday Winners HERE (Overall), HERE (Art), and Vote for People’s Choice HERE.
c nancy dorsner -2009
Ink, colored digitally Oh, here’s Last Week’s Robotic Octopus if you missed it.

Cephalopod Love! (and a free Valentine card)

2/12 update: Like the squidees? I’m donating one of the original squid watercolors to the Handmade Help relief effort for the Australian bushfires – go bid on her and help a good cause! Details and links to the auction Here. For you, a free Valentine downloadable card! Here are two cards you can print and share, featuring our lovely valentine squid. (He needs a name, any ideas?)

You can either snag it from flickr (click on the above image), or grab the higher quality pdf (prints 2 to a page) here. Aren’t Cephalopods the ultimate valentine’s day theme? [Edited to remove special valentines deal on artwork – remember, you can always contact me directly for art–I will do commissions, or check out my artfire shop which usually has a few pieces in it… You can also buy prints of any of my work at my Imagekind shop– if you’ve seen a piece you want, and I don’t have it listed there, just email me.] (It’s Cephalopod Week, see all squidy/octopussy posts here! [ KEEP READING ]

Poppiees, now with nifty color!

Finished yesterday’s sketch

By request, prints of this image now available here
And hey! Check out the stuff we’re doing for a Dabbled Holiday. I’ll get the Art Show details posted hopefully this week, but email or post comment if you’re interested, so i can see if we have enough people for this one.