Cool stuff roundup

Love this tutorial from Jim Zubkavich (it’s 3 posts, read them all). (via Drawn!) Some great technique. I’m definitely going to try some of his tips on my next piece. (Alot more detailed than my own little pencil sketch to line art tutorial)

Also, CleverDad created a really cute dinosaur onesie using the Freezer Paper Stencil technique. I love his design, and I love it when I can provide inspiration for others to do cool craftiness! If you create something inspired by something you found here, be sure to let me know!

In other news, some highlights of stuff I found recently on Make: (a favorite website of mine)
Make links to a cool tutorial on how to make Slime!
and also Citiscapes made from kitchen stuff
and.. A cool staircase/bookcase
and.. Paper Jewelry
and… The Better View curtain
and last but not least… Nifty jewelry and other stuff made from computer parts