Curblyʼs “Make It! Hardware Store Decor”

I know, I still owe you a writeup on the artists from Dragon*con… But I’ve been meaning to post this review of the new book from Curbly, and it was just released, so I wanted to let you guys know!

Curbly is a great website with tons of cool projects… I’ve referenced them in several projects – including  Jewelry from recycled plastic: Homemade Shrinky Dinks.  And I’m very honored that they sent me a review copy of their great new DIY book:  “Make It! Hardware Store Decor”.   Many times books like these don’t seem to have anything new or unusual, but this one had several projects that I really liked–all based around materials you can pick up at your local hardware store. And this book, with all it’s creative re-use of everyday materials, is right up Dabbled’s alley.

There are 12 projects, all with detailed instructions and photos… and it’s available both as a pdf download, or as a printed book.

Some of the projects are easily doable with my level of tool expertise, and a few I’d probably rope in the handy husband to do, just because he’s got more experience with the big projects!    But the instructions are detailed enough that none of the projects look particularly intimidating.

A Peek at the Projects:

  • A Brightly Lighted Letter
  • Aluminum Accent Lamp
  • Exposed-Bulb Chandelier
  • Piped-Up Literary Ladder
  • Plumbing Pipe Umbrella Stand
  • Posh Pipe Desk
  • Curblillies
  • Hanging Hose-Clamp Mobile
  • Veneer-able Wall Art
  • Mod Slotted Steel-Angle Credenza
  • Utility Chic Drop-Cloth Slipcover
  • Top Notch Paint-Swatch Walls

I particularly loved the slip covers from canvas drop cloth, and the vintage inspired light up letter.  The aluminum lamp is just lovely.  And the paint chip inspired wall is genius!

It’s a beautifully designed book as well:

So, to sum up… if this looks like your kind of projects, go check it out!

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