Dr. Who Birthday Party Invitation (downloadable template, too!)

For The Boy’s 7th birthday party, we’re doing a Dr. Who theme… My little anglophile is a big fan of the recent version of the series.  So I needed to design an invitation.  I ran out of time to do printed invites, so this is just going out by email, with a little extra explanatory text.  The “Celebrating” Dalek is quite cute, but I couldn’t resist adding the Tardis Blue envelope from the Impossible Astronaut episode, as well. [For those who asked, yes the Dr. Who cake will be coming next week, I’ll be doing a how-to, like the Angry Birds cupcakes, Dragon Cake,  Perry the Platypus Cake, and Clone Trooper cupcakes of years past.]

Dr. Who dalek birthday party invitation

I got the coordinates of the location from Google Maps (using these instructions) – but to avoid stalkers, I did change the coordinates in this image!

Want to use this for your own party?  Download the photoshop file (without the Happy Birthday text on the flag) – you can modify the time / date / location info on the ‘card’.  If you don’t have photoshop, I’ve also included the image as a jpg, with the text removed.

The artwork is my own, and is CC licensed Attribution/Non-commercial.  Which means please don’t use the image for profit, and give me credit :).