Dragon*con Artist Report

One reason I love to go to Dragon*con is all the awesome artwork, particularly in the comic artists area! And I got to see some really fun artists, which I’ll now randomly share with you, because they are cool.

Brian Despain

I love Brian’s work… the subject matter is right up my alley–robots and all manner of coolness– , and it’s just plain gorgeous.  I could just stare at the robot worlds he creates all day long–Inspiring!

Love these robots..

The Escape

The Haunting

Web: Despainart.com

Jason Thomas

Jason’s work is full of fun and whimsy.  Along with robots, he also shares my love of tentacle thingies and monsters.  A fellow Atlantan, too–he’s also a very cool guy.   In additional to prints and such, he was also selling some great 3-D wooden pieces (one of which I will soon be the proud owner of–and I’ll share that when I get it, since he doesn’t seem to have any of those in his online store right now.).

If you’re in Atlanta, he’s at a lot of the festivals… He’ll be in my write up of East Atlanta Strut when I get to it.  So go find him because his stuff is sure to make you smile.

Web: Red Rocket Farm

evolve--copywrite jason-limonJason Limon

I picked up a print of Jason Limon‘s a few years ago, and I love his otherworldly style.   A really interesting mix of natural / organic elements and  mechanical elements.

His most recent work has an ‘owly’ feel, but I’m of course fond of his robots especially– and you can even get his cool bots as an iPhone Skin!

Web: Limon-Art



Pete Abrams (Sluggy Freelance)

All around awesome guy, and creator of the long running webcomic, Sluggy Freelance, I would be remiss in not including Pete in the list of cool people in Artists Alley!  If you never read Sluggy, you really should.  But be warned, there are 13 years of archives to go through – so you might want to just buy the books!  Still in my book one of the best comics ever.

(Plus he looks ever so cute in a wig!)

Web:  Sluggy.com


Andy Runton (Owly)

Pete pointed me toward’s Andy Runton’s Owly series, so we picked up a book for the 5 year old.  I love the idea of graphic novels for the kiddo set.  With very few words, it looks like an ideal way to expose a pre-reader to sequential story telling.  Plus Owly is awfully cute!  We haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, but looking forward to it!

This is the one we got.


Web: Andy Runton

Other shout-outs… I didn’t get a chance to speak to either Gus Fink or Meg Lyman, but I wrote about them last year!