Halloween Contest Winners!

You’re getting multiple posts today, so if you missed it, check out the fabulous meaty mummy hand tutorial. And should I be able to, some pics from my progress on making Halloween Food will be posted later. But first off, the winners of the Halloween Contest!

First, I’d like to thank all who entered, and thank our Judges: Chica & Jo, Samae, Erin, and Colleen.
These ladies had a hard time judging all the great stuff! We had 38 wonderful entries… And it was REALLY close between a lot of these..

But judge they must, and here are our winners (click through to see the images larger):

1st place to the Woggegong Shark Costume by Jen Straw! She explains how she did it here… and here!
Wobbegong Shark Halloween Costume

2nd place to Dave Gugel and his fabulous house transformation! Check out his site for more, and the behind the scenes look at how he changes his typical house into a scary victorian. (Dabbled interview HERE)

3rd Place to this adorable Day of the Dead Doll by Anya Kase! Love the great embroidery!
Estrella dod doll

4th Place was a tie between:

These fabulous creepy cherubs from Vanessa at Gerbera Designs. She has a tutorial on how to make them, so check it out!


This great Pin the Teeth On The Vampire game from Heather Sitarzewski… click over for instructions to make and play!

You should check out all the entries in the original post, but here’s some other “Honorable Mentions” our judges really liked, that didn’t quite make the top cut:

Halloween “Advent” Calendar by West 38th
Halloween Cuff by Tamdoll
The Halloween Wreath from CorgiPants
The Lantern How-to and Bat & Spider Pom Poms from PomPom Emporium
Witchy Pumpkin from Living Locurto
Crafting With Cat Hair’s Poison Lollypops

Get your nifty “I’m a Winner” buttons for the winners and the honorable mentions HERE, and will dole out the prizes asap. Winners, please email me @ dot-at-dabbled-dot-org.