Halloween Couples Costume Ideas

Tip Junkie was looking for some great couples costumes ideas, and I knew I had some good ones in my archive of pictures. So here are some inspirations!

The Crocodile Hunter and Terri. Tasteless, but funny! And topical at the time.. Notice Terri has a bunch of sting rays she has gotten revenge on.
Costumes of Halloweens Past

Duck Duck Goose. This was a Trio Costume, but could easily be a couple. The ducks are cheep from Oriental Trading Co.
Costumes of Halloweens Past

Sumos! (Storebought, but hilarious (full view of similar one here)!)
Costumes of Halloweens Past

This is one of the funniest, but I don’t have a good one of them together (ignore the baby*). He’s the little Dutch Boy. His wife wore a ‘wife beater’ tshirt and a flannel shirt, and jeans, and maybe a chain wallet. Ummm, get it? (Our lesbian friends thought it was funny, too)
Costumes of Halloweens Past

And the classic 2 devils:
More old halloween

All Halloween here..

*although, that was a great baby costume. Red sleeper with a felt incredibles symbol attached to the front. easy!