How to make “Wedding Cake” Stacked Cookies

Since it’s wedding season, I thought you’d like these fabulous looking (and tasty) cookies!  These cookies, basically iced and stacked sugar cookies, were used as wedding favors for a family wedding, and they were gorgeous.  I originally published this idea in 2008, but here’s a cleaned up version of the tutorial.  Here’s how they’re done.


Cookie Dough:

  • Prepare a large batch of cookie dough according to your favorite recipe.  IMPORTANT: Your cookie dough recipe should not have any leavening in it (ie no baking powder or baking soda), so the cookies bake flat.
    (The number of cookie cakes you need would determine the amount of dough. Each ‘cake’ has 3 3-in rounds, 3 2-inch rounds, and 2 1-inch rounds.)
    Prepare a test cookie to help determine the appropriate amount of dough.


The Process:

  • Roll homemade sugar cookie dough into logs of 3, 2, and 1 inch in diameter.  Chill until firm. Then slice into rounds.
  • Bake, and allow to cool.
  • Sort your cookies by size/shape, and prepare stacks for each layer.
  • Bottom:  Ice the tops of 3 large cookies, and press together, using the icing as ‘glue’.
  • Let dry.
  • Place a dollop of icing in the bottom of your favor box, and press the bottom cookie stack on it.
  • Ice together 3 middle sized cookies, and the 2 smallest cookies.
  • Use icing to glue a royal icing flower to the top (or just press on while the icing is still wet.)
  • Add a dollop of icing to the bottom of the middle and small stack, and press onto your bottom stack.
  • Close up your box, and add a pretty ribbon!

Originally Published: Wedding Cake Cookie Favors
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