Logo Design

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Here’s a new logo design I am working on… It’s for a wellness company (yoga, acupuncture, nutrition, etc) and based on a symbol for abundance that the client liked – It’s meant to evoke a sunrise. (I’m still tweaking the design a bit, too–a few things that I’m not happy with yet!) Which do you like best?

Logo Design
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  • Aimee [] :

    Very nice! I think I’d like a 5th & 6th option – the bottom two, but with the gradation you used in the top right one for the sky.

  • Nichole [] :

    I love the overall design. I’m torn between 8 and 10 but if it were me I’d probably end up going with 8. When the logo is used on something that has a lot of black and white, 10 might feel a little washed out. 8 punches up the color.

  • Misty [] :

    I’m torn between 8 & 9. I like 8 for the pop of orange on the gradient blue background. I like 9 for the lighter orange/blue color combo. Not helpful, huh?

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Thanks Aimee.. good idea!

  • Mariah [] :

    Me like the first one, #9. It looks like a sunrise. The other I like is #8, but it looks like a sunset more than sunrise:) Fantastic job, lady!

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Thanks Misty and Nichole! it’s very helpful, actually. I get where I’ve stared at these too many times!

  • shawna [] :

    I love how the orange pops in #8 against the graduated blue. I do have one suggestion though….would it be possible to close the line breaks where the black line meets itself at the spiral? The green peeping through seems a bit distracting from the symetry of the design.

  • linda [] :

    I might be completely biased because I really like yellow, so I would say #9! Also I like the solid colors, it’s good for printing or embroidering shirts if needed and in-house printing looks nice still…

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Actually, Shawna, that was one of the tweaks I was planning on!
    Thanks for the input :)

    Linda, good point about printing on shirts, I’ll point that out to the client :)

  • Melanie [] :

    I like #8. I like the contrast of the darker orange with the blue. And I really like the way the blue isn’t all one shade, but fades up.

  • Kelli [] :

    #10 looks the calmest.

  • Cheryl [] :

    I like 9 because of the solid colors, BUT I prefer the orange on 8 for the center. Yellow reminds me of an egg yolk.

  • Joanne [] :

    I’m a fan of the gradation on the top right design… :)

  • Rachel [] :

    I’m immediately drawn to 9 but 8 is my favorite.

  • Amy C [] :

    ooooh, these are so lovely, they would make a great silver pendant too.
    Well I am drawn to number 3.

  • car logo design [] :

    Lolx hey Amy can you design a logo of charming iron men :D