A more realistic Twitter icon for your site…

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You do know that Twitter is an evil time suck, don't you?You do know that twitter is a time suck of evilness, right? But yeah, we’re addicted. If you have a love/hate relationship with twitter, this is the twitter icon for you.

Twitter dark sideHere is another version –> , more suitable for a webpage, maybe. (I created this one in Illustrator, as my MSCEApril for yesterday — I swear one day I’m really going to learn that program). These are CC licensed, so feel free to use them (though of course credit is appreciated).

And without words, HERE.

And even as a “Piece of Flair” for Facebook, here (no text, larger) and here (“come to the dark side”)! Tempt your facebook friends over to the Tweeting Side.

[I was inspired to create this after seeing some of the cool alternative twitter icons that Superpunch linked to!]

Tomorrow… more fun with twitter and social networking sites!

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  • LeeAnn Wilmot [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    Good morning! I loved this! http://tinyurl.com/dha4ad I think you will too!

  • 3rdEyeMuse [] :

    that’s the BEST (and would you belive me if I told you I am not and will never be on Twitter? … it goes along with not owning a cell phone, too). hehe.

  • Renee [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    Found a funny new twitter icon for your blog: https://www.dabbled.org/2009/04/more-realistic-twitter-icon-for-your.html

  • Chica Schmica [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    thinking perhaps i should change my twitter icon to this slightly more fitting one from @dotatdabbled http://tinyurl.com/dha4ad

  • Felt-o-rama [] :

    Too funny!!! I’m trying my best to resist from signing up with Twitter. This graphic says it all :)

  • tamdoll [] :

    These are hysterical. I have to check out the facebook one.

  • lindseyb16 [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    Hilarious and cute twitter dark side icon for your site. Thx @dotatdabbled http://is.gd/ulMw for generosity #followfriday

  • Christy [] :

    heheee , so cute!

  • ftcanon [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    For those who have Twitter icons on their sites, I love this. http://tinyurl.com/dha4ad