More Robot Art, and previews of coming attractions!

My camera is in the shop and I’m dying!… and it’s inhibiting my documenting projects, but stay tuned for these fun things coming up this week & next (once I steal borrow my hubby’s camera):

My friend Heidi’s tutorial and pattern to make a cute fabric basket.
-Making Sushi… Me and The Boy!
-Finally, a write up on the Limoncello

For today, another robot watercolor. This one is Very Blue. (For some reason, my scanner is making these look really red. Odd. — the bricks are much more muted in the original!) And below that, you can see The Boy’s robot he painted!

Blue Robot Illustration by Nancy Dorsner 2009

Per D, this is Robotcha, a ‘one eyed robot with pokers, who floats like Eve [ed- from Wall-e] and bounces.’

I like it!
The almost 4 yr old's Robot watercolor