Mother’s Day Blog Party for Tiny Prints – Recap

A big thank you to Tiny Prints for sponsoring a fun blog party to celebrate Mother’s Day!

Dabbled hosted a party to promote Tiny Prints Mother’s Day card collection the other night, and it was a ton of fun. The idea was to get a bunch of bloggers and friends of Dabbled together, to celebrate Mother’s Day with a little mom pampering, and to show off the Mother’s Day card collection–which is way cute.

Since I couldn’t invite all my lovely readers, I do have a little gift for you from Tiny Prints – Go to their facebook page to get a Free Mother’s Day card for yourself!

Now, on to the party!

We had a really great group of ladies (and a token gentleman or two!), including Linda from Another Good Thing, Niki from Life in Recipes, Grieg and Karen from Foodwhirl, Melissa from Oohshiny, Dabbled contributors Heidi and Katie, and a bunch more…

There was food, drink, and pampering!  Warning, bunches of photos ahead!

A lovely selection of wine makes for great conversation!

Yeah, it was as good as it looks…

Meeting new people!

And much much pampering…

Of course a man enjoys a good mani!

Massage Anyone?

And of course, the cute cards that made it all possible!

Everyone was really excited about the card collection.  Several people had used Tiny Prints before for christmas card or baby announcements, but had not thought to order single mothers day cards from there.  They had a ton of styles, which you can personalize and add photos to.  Katie had all ready ordered one, and was raving about how easy they were to put together, and very reasonably priced.  Plus they’ll even mail it for you!   I’ll be ordering one soon, and I’ll let you guys see it when it comes in :)  Plus remember to get a Free Mother’s Day card for yourself!

All in all, a lovely time was had by all…  And if you’re a blogger in the Atlanta area, drop me a line and introduce yourself, and maybe you can join us if we do something like this in the future!



I’m very selective on products that I will promote on Dabbled, because I respect you guys–the readers–intelligence, and I want to be sure that anything I talk about will be both relevant, and something I’d recommend personally.  Tiny Prints did spring for the party, but any comments and impressions are mine.