Mr. Freeze Costume (Halloween 2010 Video)

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As I’ve been promising… Here is The Boy’s Mr. Freeze costume from Halloween. The video below shows the gun in action — it actually smokes and glows! (The helmet glows blue as well).

As a typical 5 year old, he loves Star Wars, Batman, and Phineas & Ferb, and he wanted to be Mr. Freeze (the Batman villain) this year. (As you may remember last year I made Perry the Platypus).  Obviously this is a kid’s version of this costume, but no reason this couldn’t be adapted for an adult as well.  (See more photos on Flickr)

The Mr. Freeze Costume Video at youtube.

Video also available on the Dabbled Facebook Page!

How to Make a Mr. Freeze Costume:

Since this costume is primarily made from recycled materials and thriftstore finds, it may be hard to replicate exactly, but here’s an idea of what we did:

The Husband spent a ton of time on this one… the gun is a modded Hulk watergun, painted with plastic paint. Tubing brings dry ice smoke from the bottles in the backpack. The ‘boots’ are made from sleeves of a puffy jacket–spraypainted silver.  An old kids backpack was also spraypainted silver to hold the water bottles.   Water bottles were recycled Simply Orange bottles. The overall silver outfit was a lucky thriftstore find — it was a Power Rangers costume and we blacked out the Power Rangers logo with fabric paint. The Helmet was a tough one – a friend (Thanks, Anne!) finally found a plastic container for us from some toys that was big enough. Pipe insulation pads the bottom. LEDs on the gun and helmet complete the look!

If anyone is interested, I can get The Handy Husband to write up more about how to make the gun and helmet… and I can also write up more of a tutorial on the rest.

Song credit: Mr Freeze, K’s Choice

This guy as Mr. Freeze, from Dragon-con this year, was the inspiration for The Boy’s choice of costumes

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  • josh pincus is crying [] :

    This costume is AWESOME, dot. You are very resourceful and creative. THIS is what Halloween is all about. I’ve been disappointed in Halloween for the past few years, as the creativity level of recent Trick or Treaters in my neighborhood is non-existant. When my son was little (he’s 23 now), I used to do stuff like this and my wife and I would go crazy with decorations at our house. Now, I barely have my porch light on for thirty minutes.


  • Andrew [] :

    Very cool, Nancy!

    Best to you & Dame & the family!

    – That Nut Your Husband Went To College With

  • Robert Ray [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    Dabbled Article Mr. Freeze Costume ( Halloween 2010 Video)

  • Jessica [] :

    We are trying to make a Mr. Freeze costume for a horse drill team competition. We haven’t been able to find much more other than this site. Any help is welcome or even suggestions for the horse as well are welcome. Thank you in advance.

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Hmmm… I’d suggest looking around Google Images for inspiration. We got several ideas from there. Big plastic water guns and tubing would be easy to find and attach.

  • Lesley Parker [] :

    Wow that is a great costume. . My son is in love with it. I would like to make one for him however I have no artistic ablities. I am just wondering if you are willing to sell this costume? Or ever let us rent it? Please let me know. Thanks

  • cyn [] :

    My nephew is determined to have a Mr freeze costume. I came across yours creation and he loves it. I know its been a while since you posted this but we would appreciate a tutorial if possible. Please and thank you