New Years Resolutions…

I guess I should document some here for posterity, huh?

2 years ago my resolution was to do Illustration Friday every week, and I succeeded!  And my art got better in the process.
Last year I worked on several big projects, like Foodwhirl.

This year?


Well, I think I want to start the Illustration Friday thing again.  It really did force me to draw, and I’ve been such a slacker with the artwork lately.  I’ve been focusing on web design, which I love (and is more easily lucrative!) but I’m afraid both my art and my blogging (here and at Foodwhirl) has suffered for that.  So, I don’t think I’ll be able to make EVERY week, but I should at least make an attempt, right?

Illustration Friday from Sept 09
IF from Aug 09
IF from Nov 09

Did you know that I developed a new site look for Dabbled, and I’ve never implemented it?  I think that should go on the list of things that need to happen this year–redesign of Dabbled.  As well as porting my poor neglected art site ( over to WordPress, and integrating all these sites together under my own little media empire (insert maniacal cackling here).

So, that’s just two little things.  And you can hold me to it!
I’m sure I should come up with a few more…
What about you? What are your goals? :)