Photography Day

I fancy myself a pretty decent amateur photographer…so I thought I’d share a few pics from the Snow Day we had a few weeks ago. The Boy didn’t have school due to the snow (yes, I know you folks from the colder climes are laughing), so we went to the Science Museum. Snow Weekend

A few tips for successful photos that I like to follow

1. like anything else we post about here, it’s all about practice! The more you do it, the better your eye gets.

2. Take LOTS of pictures. The age of digital means we can take tons of shots and just pick the best ones to keep.

3. Remember the Rule of Thirds for interesting pics.

4. Don’t be afraid to play with them in Photoshop (or similar) afterwards. Re-crop, mess with levels or curves… there are tons of tutorials out there than can help you.

5. Try different angles. Although do remember that when photographing kids, you’ll get great shot if you get down on their level. Have your subject interact with interesting things. And don’t feel like they always have to look at the camera and grin to get a good shot.

Here are some more pics…. Click through to see them on flickr in larger sizes.

ElectricDiagonalSnow WeekendSnow Weekend

Click here to see all.

Edited to add:
An example of what you can do in post processing in photoshop…
For the puddle one, and the first one with the real retro feel, I used a technique in photoshop which simulates cross processing. Here’s a tutorial on a simple way to do it: