Play Stove from an old side table

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My darling sweetie made this for our 2 year old (aka The Boy).
I envisioned it, and he did the execution.
He (the Boy, not my hubby) loves to pretend to be a chef! He has a nifty sushi set, and pizza set, and his own little chef’s hat. He has some yellow garden gloves he wears too. (edit: Other nifty homemade playstoves here)

HOW TO writeup is here
Pretty spiffy, no?

The Boy's new homemade Play Stove

The original crappy little side table:

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  • donal.h [] :

    That’s great! My grandfather made me a (really swank) stove when I was a kid and I loved it. I still love cooking. Actually, I think it would be a great kitschy side table…, if my fiancĂ©e agrees, I think I’ll go rescue it from my mom’s basement.

  • samae [] :

    Damn Dame – I’m impressed! That looks great.

  • Jessica Rae Writes [] :

    That looks wonderful!!! And sushi? Yum! I had something kinda like this but it was fisher price plastic and not as cool. I loved it when my parents made me stuff. I still have a dollhouse my Dad started building me but didn’t finish. It’s still my favorite over the other million dollhouses I had. Hehe.

  • Sarcasta-Mom [] :

    Wow, that is super crafty! Way to go hubby :)

  • Dot [] :

    i’ll pass along the kudos… like i said, this is my favorite kind of project, where i go “oooh wouldn’t it be cool if..” and i actually get my guy to execute it ;)

  • maya [] :

    Extremely spiffy! Great job. Excuse me while I go forward this link to my hubby…

  • andy [] :

    what ?2008?