Recent posts, and how to fix your feed in Google reader

Reader CraftyHope gave me some insight into the problem we’re having with feeds no longer updating after the move to WordPress. If any of you are web gurus and can figure out how I can work around this, let me know!!

Sooo, I was subscribed through Google Reader and wasn’t seeing the updates (after you requested, via twitter, I look)
You asked me to subscribe (follow your blog) on Blogger and I did that, but the updates still weren’t there.
I was getting antsy about not seeing your blog posts, so I just went into Google Reader, hit the add subscription button, and added “” (I think)
The address shows up in the reader as “”
I’m having NO problems now getting your posts in Google Reader. I’m not sure what the problem was before, but the address Google Reader had before for your feeds was “”

So, it sounds like if you use Google Reader you need to just go back in and re-subscribe to to start receiving feeds again. I’m leaving my contest open to help spread the word to my missing readers for a bit longer, so go enter now, pretty please! You can link back to this post to enter.

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