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Halloween Wrap-up – Party Food

Halloween Wrap-up - Party Food
See All Halloween Posts Row 1: Mozzarella Eyeballs. Instead of last year‘s idea of just using sliced olives with pimentos, I used the technique by the Evil Mad Scientists to create more rounded eyes. The mozzarella balls were marinated ones from Trader Joes.
Row 2: Flayed Skin Cheeseball makes a reappearance.… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween Food – Sweet Sushi

Halloween Food - Sweet Sushi
This is not inherently creepy (though with some creative labeling, it can be), like the other Halloween Food we’ve featured this month, but it is unusual and fun, and always a hit at the halloween party. I’ve posted about this before, but I’m finally writing real instructions. [Note, no fish were harmed in the making of this, it’s all nicely vegetarian sweets!]

Dessert Sushi:
This is really simple to make, and has tons of creative opportunities.… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween Food – Delicious Eyeballs

Halloween Food - Delicious Eyeballs
As part of the Halloween Food series, we have delicious eyeballs for you here, the sweet and the savory, so read on…
Mozzerella Eyeballs
Note: this recipe has been updated and is EVEN BETTER NOW! Always looking for yummy Halloween edibles, I created these last year as a easy to prepare and yummy party food.… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween Cocktails – Creepy Bubble Fun!

Halloween Cocktails - Creepy Bubble Fun!
Last week I was sitting around trying to think of something different to do for halloween, and the idea came to me. Something that would look particularly creepy, and be unusual… Can you guess the secret ingredient? Ever had Bubble Tea? It’s made with large tapioca pearls, and has a really interesting look.… [ KEEP READING ]

Fabulous Reverse Applique Eye T-shirts

Fabulous Reverse Applique Eye T-shirts
Creative Kismet (who we featured earlier with her Monster Towel), has another fabulous design! She used a reverse applique technique to create these incredibly creative and fun “Eye” T-shirts. And they even have a requisite Eye on the back, too! She has full instructions on her blog, so check it out!… [ KEEP READING ]

Creepy Houseplants, and H'ween Roundup

Creepy Houseplants, and H'ween Roundup
It’s so cold and icky and rainy here today, I’m having trouble getting motivated! I twitted this fabulous houseplant idea (from Bitter Betty) the other day, but now I’m finally getting around to posting it. So fabulous! Click through, because she also has a great “Rest in Peace Lily” with an eyeball.… [ KEEP READING ]