Sewing with a 5 year old- Sweater Snake 2.0

I just had to share this with you guys.  Way back in 2007 (near the start of Dabbled, actually!) I made a sweater snake for The Boy.  Now it was an early project, and in retrospect I probably could have done better in my choice of materials — or maybe it’s the fact that it’s lived for the past 4 years with a little boy — but was getting holes in it.  The 5 year old has been bugging me to “fix the snake”, so when he was off from school the other day, I told him I’d let him fix it!

The 5 year old, very proud of his patched snake

I threaded up some big embroidery needles with embroidery floss, and gave him some sweater scraps to use as patches (why yes, I do have a bag of old sweaters in my closet just for the purpose of things like this!) I showed him what to do, and did a few stitches to get him started, and he did great! Here’s a poor cell phone photo of him in action..

the boy, patching his stuffed snake

I think the patches actually add a great deal of interest to the original snake. He’s also re-named the snake “Patches”. One of the eye buttons had broken, too, so we replaced the buttons with some eyes I’d gotten from the lovely Colleen at Some Art Fabric (who has actually made a sweater snake in the past!). I’m loving Snake 2.0! Here’s the how-to on how to make the snake, if you’d like one yourself!
He loves his snake, and he loves that he did it himself (with a bit of help from mom here and there).

super sweater snake-- 2.0