Snow days and punctuation question

Snow Day at FernbankWe’ve had school closed all week for snow. ALL WEEK! Even here in Atlanta that never happens (we close the schools for pretty much any level of snow, but it’s usually gone by the next day). So I’ve had husband (work was closed too) AND 5 year old home all week. Which means my usual calm work from home days were totally turned upside down. But we did have fun sledding and being lazy. Today we walked to Fernbank for some museum of natural history fun!

Now for punctuation: What the heck is this? You’re NOT supposed to use 2 spaces after the period at the end of the sentence? Who came up with that? I’ve always done it that way (I’m doing it that way right now, but of course, html will strip out the extra spaces, so you’ll never know.)
Seriously, do they not teach double spacing at the end of a sentence anymore?