Some details on how to create the art/photog site using blogger

Mar09 Edit: You may also want to check out my new version of a portfolio site using Tumblr instead of Blogger.

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Several people requested details on how to create the art (or photography) portfolio site using blogger so here is some info:

Examples:  (updated 3/2010)
-Old art portfolio site: Here
-A friend’s photography portfolio site: Grieg Wehr Photography (this is a WordPress site now)

The previous blogger portfolio site:

Basically all your data is in blog posts, but you link to them as you’d like, not in the typical blog daily format.

1) Create a new blogger site.
2) Find a template that you like the feel of – from a columns perspective – don’t worry about the colors or graphics, you can easily change those. (I used one that’s linked from the bottom of the page.
3) Under Settings/Formatting, change the ‘show title’ to No & change “Show” to 1 post on the main page.
4) Under comments, change comments to Hide
5) Now you’re going to mess with the HTML – Save a copy first (as it suggests when you go the to layout/Edit HTML page.
6) You can change the colors either on the Layout/Fonts and Colors page, or by directly editing the top of the HTML. If you don’t know the numbers google for ‘html color codes’.
7) You want to remove all the stuff that makes an entry look like a blog post – (via bloganol you can do that by adding “display:none;” to any of those things you don’t want to display: here’s more info..
8) past that, you’re basically looking at adding page elements with menus and such to access the pages you want.
9) All your content goes in blog posts, and the post you want to show up on the front screen you want to post-date to like 2010 so it is always first. the rest of the content you create as blog posts, and just link it where you want it to go. For example, the Contact Me page was just created as a Contact me post, and i just linked the menu button to the URL for that particular page.
10) I used Flash Slideshow Maker Professional (available free for download) to make the slideshow on the first page.

I’m sure i’m forgetting things, but these are the basics. let me know if you have questions… and if you’re really nice, i’ll just give you a copy of my template.

hope that helps!

Also useful: Blogger for Dummies site