Sweet Treats too cool to eat…a photo roundup

Here ya go, another roundup of cool pictures from flickr.com! The theme this time is Sweet Treats, Too Cool to Eat, and here are a few really fun yummy items… some professionally done, some do-able by us amateurs, but all inspiring.

Interesting Sweet Treats from around Flickr

1. Lego Cake, 2. This is a steak cake!!!!, 3. Bikini Beach Bear Cupcakes, 4. Frankenstein’s monster heads, 5. Sushi Cake II, 6. Chicken Cupcakes, 7. Reuben-sandwich-cake-1, 8. spaghetti cupcakes, 9. HamburgerCupcakes

Do you have a cool sweet treat you’ve created that fits the theme? Leave a comment with a link!
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