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Make your own Retro Inspired Canvas Print (Tutorial)

Make your own Retro Inspired Canvas Print (Tutorial)
How to transfer a photo to canvas for a neat, retro look!

This is a fun project if you’d like an inexpensive way to make your own “canvas print”, and you like a retro, old fashioned feel.  It makes a great gift, too (like the one used in the tutorial, a great wedding momento!)

I did this for my December post on FedEx’s Out of Office blog.  It is easy to do, but be warned it is a bit time consuming when you get to the final step of removing the paper from the canvas, so I wouldn’t go any larger than 8×10″ for this project.… [ KEEP READING ]

Awesome Crafty Giveaway from Elmer’s Craft-It (@elmers) …$150 value!

Awesome Crafty Giveaway from Elmer's Craft-It (@elmers) ...$150 value!

So my big plan was to come up with a really cool Christmas project to show off the stuff in this box… and a lot of great stuff it is… cutting mats and X-actos, and glues –courtesy of Elmer’s… all kinds of crafty goodies. (the full list is below). But as I mentioned yesterday, this past month has been a blur, so I have fallen behind in my crafty-bloggy duties.… [ KEEP READING ]

Make a Hogwarts scarf out of old sweatshirts (Harry Potter, Halloween)

Make a Hogwarts scarf out of old sweatshirts (Harry Potter, Halloween)

This is part 3, we’ve already covered how to make a death eater mask, and how to make a hogwarts robe out of a t-shirt!

For the boy’s Death Eater costume, he really didn’t want any Slytherin gear, as he said (and rightly) that Draco Malfoy skulking around as a Death Eater would not be wearing his Slytherin scarf.  But since a death eater doesn’t really look like anything other than a creepy guy in a mask without something to indicate Harry Potter-ness, I talked him into the scarf, so Draco could go incognito.… [ KEEP READING ]

Quick Kids Activity – Cloth Scrap Creatures

Quick Kids Activity - Cloth Scrap Creatures

Here’s a fun little way to keep your kid occupied for a bit, and also use up some of the scraps you have in your stash from various projects. The Boy has been obsessed with the game Spore, particularly the fun of character creation.  (Yes, we’re raising a geek child, why do you ask!?)  And while he has a lot of fun playing it on the computer, he does need a break from ‘screen time’ sometimes (not if you asked HIM, of course!).  … [ KEEP READING ]

Reader Creations – From the Dabbled Flickr Group

Reader Creations - From the Dabbled Flickr Group

Dabbled readers are so creative!  Here are some of the cool things that I’ve seen recently in the Dabbled flickr group.  (If you’re on Flickr, come join us!)  Several of these have tutorials, so go read the links below.  And if you’re featured here, don’t forget to grab your I Was Featured Button!

  1. The Stomach, RIP Pterodactyl Pants is always so creative… a plush stomach?
  2. Chair pad Love how the chair pad matches the cute sewing machine cover!

Green crafting for Earth Day

Green crafting for Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up…  What’s your favorite ‘Green’ craft project or idea?  (Drop me an email with your faves, or leave a comment… I’ll be highlighting some on Dabbled this next week.)

Here are some to get your inspiration going!*

Green Crafting Flickr Roundup (links are below the big pic)

1. piglinks, 2. Ad Bracelet, 3. Recycled Tunic, 4. RCA Record Comb, 5. a batch of studs – copyright amalia versaci 2009, 6.… [ KEEP READING ]