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The Homemade Shrinky Test Lab (redux)

The Homemade Shrinky Test Lab (redux)

So way back in 2008, one of the first big “experiments in craft” I did for Dabbled was what I called the Shrinky Dink Test Lab.  I had run across the idea for using #6 plastic to make homemade shrink plastic (aka ‘Shrinky Dinks’) at various places on the crafty webs, but I decided to delve a little deeper.  I started with a basic project (Doodle Charm Earrings), and that led to other questions.  … [ KEEP READING ]

Inman Park Fest! Part 2: Crafty Goodness…

Inman Park Fest! Part 2: Crafty Goodness...

(Last Week: A Random Look in Pictures. Today: Crafts & Jewelry. Tomorrow: Artists.)
The long awaited recap is here! We have a lovely time at Inman Park Fest here in Atlanta every year, and every year there are some wonderful artists and crafters that I discover. This year we were there especially early, so I got a chance to wander around and take some pics before it got too busy, and chat with a few people too!… [ KEEP READING ]

Earth Day is coming up… Think about crafting GREEN!

Earth Day is coming up... Think about crafting GREEN!

Earth Day is April 20, and besides celebrating by going to the Sweetwater 420 Festival which I’ll be doing this weekend in Atlanta, I figured we should also get some green crafting in. So here’s a few links for you to get you started…

  • Somehow I had missed this cool Crafting Green contest from Dabbled buds, Chica & Jo! I’m going to enter… and so should you. Hurry, you just have til April 20!!