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Halloween – Even Creepier Cakes

Halloween - Even Creepier Cakes

The lovely ladies at They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara have some of the creepiest cakes ever. This Thorax Cavity Cake really ‘takes the cake’! The rib cage is white chocolate, and each of the organs is a goo filled yummy cake–all different gourmet flavors. Full instructions on how to make this ultimate in “gross your dinner guests out” halloween cakes can be found on their site. Also, even if you’re not into “gruesome” as a theme, their techniques can be used on various sorts of cakes.… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween Feature – Halloweenie Beanie for a Premie

Halloween Feature - Halloweenie Beanie for a Premie

You Dabblers are just the nicest people! The talented and crafty Robyn of Craft & Found send us this lovely idea for a halloweenie beanie..

Says Robyn: “Wanting an adorable hat to donate to my local NICU ward, I came up with this most basic of patterns. Sized for preemies and babes, you can make it even smaller by using tinier needles. There‚Äôs no real gauge, because as the NICU nurses I love so dearly have said over and over, these gorgeous babes come in all sizes!” What a sweet idea for anytime of the year!… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween Feature – Heather Sitarzewski

Halloween Feature - Heather Sitarzewski

The first of our fabulous readers to be featured in the Halloween Extravaganza is the fabulously creative and halloween-loving Heather Sitarzewski. Not everyone will necessarily get their own post, but Heather has enough stuff to fill several, so she gets her very own– check it out!

First off… the Halloween Jack! Fabulous design and execution.. love him!

Next up, check this out! Now you know creating great art or craft out of recycled materials is one of my passions… This is a great example of that, created out of paper towel rolls.… [ KEEP READING ]