The Dr. Who Party (and the Dalek Cake!)

Update: Dalek Cake Tutorial is posted!

So this weekend’s Dr. Who themed birthday party was a smashing success.  (View Invitation) Both kids and adults had a good time enjoying the food, the Timey Wimey waterslide, the Sonic Screwdriver cocktails (adults!) , fish fingers and custard (kids!), and of course, the most awesome  (if I do say so myself!) Dalek Cake.  (Can you guess what the Daleks are made out of?)

I’ll get a tutorial up on how to do the cake later this week – I took a bunch of pictures of the process.  There were a few roadblocks along the way, like the Crack in the Universe deciding to manifest itself on the top of my base cake, and of course, the mess in the kitchen afterwards.  Plus, we learned the most inefficient way to make cotton candy, ever!  So you’ll have to come back tomorrow for all the details.

But here’s a few more pics to whet your appetite:

The Boy celebrates Birthday #7 with friends and family…

The party food: Fish Fingers & Custard, Sonic Screwdrivers-kid and adult versions! & the Dalek Cake.

Some shots of the making of the Daleks! (It was a family affair…)


There are more photos on the Dabbled Facebook page, go check ’em out :)