Thirsty? Tasty, unusual Spring cocktail recipes!

Spring-y Cocktails with Recipes from Around Flickr.. Click through for ingredients and/or link to the recipe. I’m inspired, aren’t you!?

1. The Thai Boxer, 2. lemongrass cooler, 3. Watermelon and Rose Sangria, 4. Chocolate orange martini’s, 5. Bourbon Mint Tea, 6. Kermit Cocktails

Cocktails with Recipes from Around Flickr


I’ve got so much cool stuff to post over the next week or so… I’m trying hard not to just post it all now! My parents were cleaning up their attic, and brought me a stash of old records I had as a kid, so I’ll be sharing those. I do have a limoncello tutorial that I finally got around to writing up. And also the results of my candied lemons. What else? I have some felt that I was sent to review, so I’ll be doing a project with that. And I modded a t-shirt yesterday as my MSCEApril, so I’ll be writing up instructions on that. Plus a stash of comfort food photo recipes that have been hanging out on my harddrive, just waiting. So… Stay tuned!

And if you missed it, two new watercolors yesterday!

Other Flickr Roundups:

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