Tutorial: How to Make a Fabric Basket, perfect for Easter!

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fabric easter baskets made by Dabbled and readers

My friend Heidi Bragg gave The Boy an adorable basket filled with goodies as a thank you for borrowing his tux. I found out that she actually made this gorgeously cute basket herself, and insisted that she tell us how! She did, and even provided a pattern for you to make your own! Check out the so cute monkey and banana coordinated fabric… the possibilities are endless. Wouldn’t this be special for a keepsake easter basket? Or a gift basket for a friend?

I’ve updated the photo at the top of this post to include a couple of the baskets that Dabbled readers (Gina Allen & Justine Wilson)  have made, using these instructions.  Really nice job, guys!

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More pics and the pattern below the instructions.

Handmade Fabric Basket

Materials for basket:
½ yard of fabric (¼ for the outer basket shell; ¼ for the liner)
1 yard Pellon, double-sided fusible interfacing – you can make 2-3 baskets from a single yard of interfacing, but since you need the length for the basket handle, you need at least 1 yard even if you only plan to make one basket.
Iron on backing (WunderUnder) for letters
Contrasting fabric for letters

Step 1: First things first, you’ll want to design your basket or download the pattern I created. The basket I designed is a tapered square design, but you could easily create a rounded basket with just a few modifications.

Step 2: Cut out the pieces as shown in pattern from both the outer shell fabric and liner fabric. You’ll also want to cut out a 2.5” wide x 25” long piece from each fabric for the handle.

Step 3: Trace the interfacing pattern pieces onto the Pellon. You’ll also want to measure out (2)1.25” wide x 26” long pieces of interfacing for the handle. Cut out all the pieces.

Step 4: Iron each piece of fabric to remove wrinkles. Fuse the Pellon onto the outer shell fabric (follow the directions on the interfacing to do this), leaving about a ¼” of excess fabric around the edges (the basket side pieces will have additional excess at the top).

Step 5: Sew the outer shell together keeping the needle of the machine as close to the interfacing as possible. I found it easiest to sew all the sides together and then attach the bottom of the basket. The basket should now be formed – simply turn it right side out (this might seem a bit difficult to manage with the stiff interfacing, but don’t give up. Any wrinkles that appear can be ironed out later.) Iron the top edge of the basket down over the back of the interfacing.

Step 6:
Sew the liner together – sides first and then attach the bottom. Insert the liner into the outer shell and fold the top down so that it is even with the outer shell. Iron into place, following the directions on the Pellon to complete the fusing process.

Step 8:
Follow the Pellon directions to fuse your handle fabric onto each piece of your handle interfacing, wrapping the fabric around the interfacing so that the raw edges meet. Sew the wrong sides of the handles together.

Step 9: Attach the handles to the basket by sewing them onto the interfaced-lined outer shell. Ideally, the handle should rest at least 1.5 inches below the top of the basket on each side.

Step 10: Stitch the liner to the outer shell using a decorative stitch. Or if you prefer, you can use sewing glue to close the seam.

Follow the directions provided here to add lettering to your basket. I choose not to outline my letters with stitching and therefore applied them after the basket was complete. If you prefer to edge stitch your letters, you will need to do this before you fuse the fabric to the Pellon or stitch the basket pieces together.

Handmade Fabric BasketHandmade Fabric BasketHandmade Fabric Basket

If you like this, stop and leave a comment, so I can share the love with Heidi! And if you do a basket be sure to come back and share it with us… – dot
Download the Pattern!

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Hey! If you’ve done this project, please leave a comment with a link, add it to the pool on flickr, or email me. I’d like to post some pics!

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  • Hello, I'm Sally. [] :

    Oh yay! I’m glad you posted this, I totally want to make some for my kids.

  • Diana Evans [] :

    oh wow!!! wonderful work Nancy….thanks for posting this!!!

  • This is Carrie [] :

    Very cute basket!

  • 3rdEyeMuse [] :

    Heidi’s basket ROCKS! love the design and her fabric choices really are great. :)

  • Jocelyn:McAuliflower [] :

    chanting: Easter, Easter, Easter!

    you crafty sewing types drive me crazy with envy :)

  • Meg [] :

    Love This! Can’t wait to try it.

  • Rachel@oneprettything.com [] :

    Oh I love this! Now my husband can have a Super Mario Easter! I’ll be linking.

  • Kyle and Lesley [] :

    Thanks for posting this! I am so excited to make this for my daughter. I’m always on the lookout for useful projects that I can personalize. Thanks so much!


  • Stephanie Ozenne [] :

    I love this! I downloaded it and probably won’t make any until next year (I’m due with a baby in a few weeks), but it’s a great idea – so much better than the baskets you can buy!

  • Dot [] :

    Thanks so much!

    I wanna see some of the baskets you guys make.

    With the relatively small amount of fabric required, wouldn’t this be a great project to do with fabric you designed on Spoonflower?

  • Little Green Doll [] :

    Thanks for the tutorial! Beautiful basket!

  • Hana @ celebrations.com [] :

    oh my goodness, this is an adorable idea! Especially with the little name tag! Bet the kids will really love this. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Amanda @ www.kiddio.org [] :

    What a fun idea! I’m hosting an Easter kid craft Jamboree over at my blog, Kiddio, and I’d love to be able to include your post. Come check out the details at:


    Or go here to sign up:


    Hope to see you! Thanks :)

    Amanda @ http://www.kiddio.org

  • Carrie P. [] :

    This basket is so cute. My kids are all adults but I think I might still have to make some. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ludmila ^-^v [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    Fofo! http://tinyurl.com/cek4lj

  • Gina [] :

    Thanks for the great tutorial, it was so easy to make and the results were great. My little boy loves it.

  • nap time journal [] :

    Thanks so much for the great “how to” and I love your blog!

  • Justine [] :

    Thanks for the adorable pattern and tutorial! I made it for my son’s Easter basket and am so excited how it turned out!! Although I’m not sure how to post the photo! :)

  • Dot [] :

    Justine, you can email me the picture and I’ll post it, or if you have it up somewhere on line, just post or send the link. I’d love to see it!

  • Lydia [] :

    I LOVE this pattern! One question (please excuse my ignorance!)…I have the outer lining sides sewn together and need to sew the bottom piece on…what is the best way to do this? Any tips for manuevering it into the machine? Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial!

  • Heidi [] :

    @ Lydia – the best way to sew the bottom on is to fold the sides. So basically, the basket will be flat as you stitch the bottom piece on. The interfacing should be flexible enough to do this, and the crease will iron out once you are finished.

    It can be a little tricky the first time you try it, but I promise it works.

  • Lydia [] :

    Thanks Heidi! It worked!! :-)

  • Dot [] :

    Hey! If you’ve done this project, please leave a comment with a link, , add it to the pool on flickr, or email me. I’d like to post some pics!


  • Kristi Lou [] :

    Thank you so much for this pattern! I made three of them for my little ones & I had them done in one afternoon.

    thanks again!!!


  • scary dolls [] :

    That ‘s great ! Amazing article. Very very love this. Many thank.

  • kids dolls [] :

    Thanks again for the informative post.

  • Brittany [] :

    Thanks for the cute idea. This was only my second sewing project, and it turned out great!

    From Easter Basket

  • Brittany [] :

    Tried to embed the picture above, but it didn’t work. Here’s the link to a photo of the finished product.


  • Dot [] :

    Brittany, it looks great!

  • Mary Jo S [] :

    Hi! Wanted to try the basket, but how do I iron on double sided adhesive pellon with no paper on either side to one side of fabric without adhering to anything else? The pellon is Peltex 72F, and requires a fabric “sandwich” to iron baste and iron fuse….
    Thanks for helping

  • Dot [] :

    Not sure.. I’ll pass along the question. you could try adding a decorative coordinating strip on the other side.

  • T.v Serials [] :

    Really love theseand I will try to do one in the future since I am organasing my sewing room. These are very useful. Thanks for the tutorial.

  • Ind Tv Forum [] :

    Sue Ann, oh gotcha, yeah that makes a lot of sense. Well said Imarnold, I second that question about the carrier frequency as well.

  • Uth Video [] :

    If you live in London, you can spend every day/evening attending events, meeting fellow “Silicon Roundabout” startups and if you are very lucky, you might even bump into a fabled VC or London’s very own “Super” Angel.

  • serialsking [] :

    hanks for the cute idea. This was only my second sewing project, and it turned out great!

  • Anonymous [] :

    said in reply to Susie …

    that’s Liberty of London cotton lawn fabric. I don’t know the name, though, I got it in a swap… xo amy

  • All Hit serials [] :

    Really love theseand I will try to do one in the future since I am organasing my sewing room.

  • Abby Moore [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    RT @dotatdabbled: Tutorial: How to Make a Fabric Basket, perfect for Easter! http://t.co/H0O2cXV8

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    thanks for the love, @abbyleeb! RT @DotatDabbled: Tutorial: How to Make a Fabric Basket, perfect for Easter! http://t.co/N53wyNxh

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