Weekend update, and Congrats!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. We were so busy! It rained a bit too, which changed our plans from going to the Renaissance Festival with friends, to cooking out with a house full of friends instead. And I began experimenting with the techniques I’m going to use to create The Boy’s birthday cake this year … his birthday’s in a few weeks (4th!), and I have to surpass last year’s robot cake, right? So my kitchen is a wreck!

But I did want to announce…

Congrats to the winners of the 500 Postcard Giveaway from Uprinting.com… Lindsey and Grieg! Winners have been notified via email.

Thanks to Uprinting for sponsoring this contest. I’ve decided to give them a little spot over in my sidebar so do check them out as they are now a sponsor of Dabbled!
They do Postcard Printing and color brochure printing.