Adventures in Crepe-ing

So yesterday morning, my adorable husband, who was sleeping in, said “make me crepes for breakfast”. I laughed and said “yeah, right”, and proceeded to make scrambled eggs and sausage for me and The Boy. When hubby finally got out of bed, he looked at the leftover eggs and said “hey, these aren’t crepes!” And when he came back from the corner market, he brought a half-pint of heavy whipping cream “for my crepes you’re going to make me tomorrow”.

Now, he is a pretty good hubby and I have never actually made crepes, so I figured why not give it a try…

First step was to find a crepe recipe. I adore Alton Brown, so I snagged his off of At the point of reading the recipe i realized this was going to end up being lunch, not breakfast, as he suggested chilling the mixture in the fridge for an hour prior to cooking.

So I mixed up the batter – easy peasy in the blender. I followed Alton’s recipe for sweet crepes, using Orange Curaçao as the liqueur. And stuck it in the fridge.

Then I stuck my mixture bowl and whip from my much adored kitchen aid mixer in the freezer for chilling. Then I took a break!

I used my now chilled mixer to beat the half pint of heavy cream with a spoonful of powdered sugar. The Boy loved licking the beater! IF you’ve never made homemade whipped cream, you should. You’ll never go back to the canned stuff. If I’d thought about it, or was making it for a dessert for guests, I would have added a dash of the orange liqueur to the mix.

So now I was ready to try the crepes. I followed Alton’s directions and was amazed how easy they were. The first one didn’t work very well, I ended up folding it up when i tried to flip it, but like waffles, I always expect the first one to mess up. It took a few to get the hang of it, but once i realized the consistency created is very strong, not like pancakes or omelets where if you screw up on the flip you can’t fix it, it was easier. The only issue is the amount of time it takes–each takes less than a minute to cook, but you’re using such a small amount of batter (1/8 cup) for each, that it took me probably 30 minutes to cook them! I had a pretty good assembly line set up. I had my big wooden cutting board sitting on the stove next to the pan and i’d take up one, let it cool while the next was cooking, then move it over to make room for the next one. Then when I had 3 cooling, I’d stack the coolest up into a little tower of crepes.

Now for filling. I melted butter in my still hot crepe skillet, sliced up a couple of bananas and threw them in. I sprinkled a little brown sugar on and stirfried them up.

Assembly was easy. Crepes are easy to work with, so I just took a flat crepe on a plate, spooned bananas down the center in a line, folded both sides up like a cannoli, and topped with a dollop of whip cream.

The funny thing was that The Boy refused to eat them folded up and just ate the unfolded ones–no bananas or whipped creme. But the husband liked it so much he even voluntarily cleaned up where i had destroyed the kitchen like a cooking tornado.
I thought the crepes by themselves were pretty darn good. A very delicate flavor.

Crepe fun

I’m not sure how many the recipe made, but I had maybe 15 left over. Enough for more breakfasts or desserts. (the picture at the top is the amount I had left) And Alton tells you how to freeze them too.

Bottom Line – time consuming, but not difficult–make sure some else can watch the almost-3-year-old during the cooking process! I’d really like to try some savory (instead of sweet) ones for maybe a party.