Anti-Valentines Update

The very first entry in the contest! Check out this delightfully blackhearted little hand hooked rug from Lemongrass Studios!

Wanna see your stuff here? Get your entries in early and I’ll be featuring a random sampling!

Oh, coming Monday I’ll be announcing 3 fabulous blogresses (is that a word?) that you probably know (and if you don’t, you should!) who will be judging the Anti Valentine’s Day Contest. They aren’t sworn to secrecy or anything, so you may find out somewhere else first. But if you don’t.. tune in Monday for the announcement!

OK, now for something different…
Some other inspiration links for you:

Black Hearted Links:

10 Things We Hate About Valentine’s Day at Marie Claire

Disfunctional Conversation Hearts: Bittersweets!

Free Anti Vday cards at Blue Mountain.

Glasses based on the 7 deadly sins! too cool. That pic’s of Wrath, be sure to check out Sloth and Lust.

Cool and/or Sweet V’day links:

*Nifty Valentines graphics tutorials.

*Aw sweet… make a pop-up card

Love love love! If I haven’t posted this already, I should have. This felt cookie making set includes ‘cookies’, ‘dough’, cutters, and more! Heart shaped and adorable for V’day!

*Why repeat? Just go check out the Valentines Roundup at One Pretty Thing!

*Nifty neato keen… Secret Decoder Valentine.

*Papercraft valentines box.

*Sweet and simple Bees Wax garland. via whipup.

*oh my, this font is fabulous, even upside down… check out the 20th anniversary of The Princess Bride. And if you don’t own this movie (which is definitely in the top 10 of all time), it’s dirt cheap — what a great Vday gift! (click through to see, the font works upside down and rightside up!)

Oh, and here’s me in my new glasses, for those on twitter who helped me pick them out!