Buy Now – Clearance Candy canes for Valentines treats

Valentines hearts from Candy Canes

I was at Target the other day and all the xmas stuff is at 75% off.  I picked up a box of multiflavor mini candy canes, because I always see cool things people make with candy canes for valentine’s day, but you can’t find the candy then!  So this is your reminder… pick some up now…!

Here are a few things you’ll be able to do with them..

Candy Canes and White Chocolate Heart Pops

Candy Cane hearts on a stick

Spell LOVE out of candy canes

I’m sure we’ll think of more… so don’t miss out and get yours for cheap now :)

And be on the lookout for cool holiday linens, like tablecloths, on clearance too. They make great craft materials for next year, like reusable bags (link via sew green) or (Dabbled’s own) tree skirts!

And no, I’m not a paid shill for Big Candy Cane or Target , hehe.

(reposted from 2011, because it’s still a great idea!)