Colored sketch – Half-Beast

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For the Artday Monday theme:

In the tradition of my old Doodle project, took a doodle done at work and scanned and colored in photoshop. I think she’s pretty nifty! I think i could have done more black and made it darker… but i like it as it is. as always, comments welcome!


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  • ValGalArt [] :

    I love the way you used light on her skin, It makes her look like she is moving almost! Really cool.

  • Sarcasta-Mom [] :

    I love this! Don’t I wish I knew how to use PhotoShop. Or draw for that matter. lol

  • Jessica Rae Writes [] :

    Hi. I think what you do is so cool. I draw a bit, and I love Photoshop but I’ve never been sure of the process for meshing them. When you scan in an image and use it, how do you then bring your graphic to life with the darker outlines? (Multiplying the layer?) Sorry if this is a stupid question, or a far too complex one. If you have anywhere you could point me I’d be so grateful.

    Also – those elephant bags you’ve been making are so adorable, omgosh.

  • Dot [] :

    No, that’s actually an excellent question. I’m sure that there are probably as many ways of doing it as there are artists! I’ve come up with my methods through trial and error, and I use different methods for different pieces. Tell ya what, I’ll do a post this weekend on some of the methods I use, and invite the commenters to add their own techniques as well.