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Congrats to Rogbark of Good and Crazy People who won the Twitter Mini Contest! Watch this space (or the RSS feed, or twitter) for more contests to come.

We’ve had a busy weekend, and I’ll have reviews to post later… but first a nap :)
After my nap, I promise to work on my Illo Friday for this week. I just haven’t come up with a good inspiration for the theme of “Clutter”.

happy weekend!

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  • Good N Crazy [] :

    WhaHoo and pass the gravy! I’m so thrilled. And I’m unbelievably humbled by how many of my ‘friends’ came through for me. They so didn’t have to do that. I’ll be sending you some link love, by way of my own blog and by way of my twitters daily. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks and maybe more thanks to your husband ;).

    Will email snail mail!

  • Good N Crazy [] :

    PS. Do you know about this auction fund raising going on for a family that had a massive tragedy?


  • Dot [] :

    yes, i was just reading about it. I think maybe i’ll auction some art for it.