Cool Links, twitter, and other stuff

Cool Link Dump:
*Fabulous Snow Globe Cupcake How-to at Bakerella
*Roundup of cool city scapes made from objects at Neatorama
*The Tin Man! I want a playground like this!
*Here’s a time sucking flash game I also found on Neatorama: Factory Balls
*Save Handmade! This is serious – go see what you can do and spread the word.
*Love these Young Mad Scientist Alphabet Blocks via the always interesting Superpunch F is for Freeze Ray!
*Shameless Promotion: If you missed it, check out the Roundup 2008 projects and art at Dabbled!

By the way – My Cafe Chairs from Champagne Cork Wire has made it’s way around the web (I noticed Treehugger), but since many of the links are to my Instructable, I have no idea where. So if you saw a link to it somewhere else, let me know :)

Crafting With Cat Hair is doing a Crafting Through the 80’s Craft-along! I’m so there.

More cool stuff: I was being lazy, so I asked my twitter buds what cool stuff they were working on that I should blog about…

-Becky at Hamblog has an ultra cool Science quilt she’s working on. What a fabulously geeky idea!
-Aaron just started a new webcomic – and is posting alot of new artwork and sketches on his LJ.
-joshpincus just claims I should blog about him because he’s pretty interesting. I figure he was teasing, but I think he is–go check out the great artwork!

About Twitter:
I love twitter… I’ve connected with some cool people on there, and it’s a great place to dump out my brain with stuff that may or may not make it to dabbled. If you’re on twitter, feel free to follow me (dotatdabbled), but do message me telling me you’re a Dabbled reader so I know you’re not just a random advertiser :)
And I like these guidelines of following on twitter here and here! (thanks SisterDiane!)

If you just want the cool links (like the at the top of this post) but don’t do twitter, you can find them at a Smidgen of Dabbling.

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