Cthulhu Roundup!

Why do we like to take scary monsters and make them cute, sexy, or just plain odd? I don’t know, but here’s a bunch of takes on L. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu.

More Cthulhu Creations from around flickr
1. My Little Cthulhu, 2. Cthulhu Cake, 3. Vegetable Cthulhu, 4. Cthulhu Time Steampunk Necklace, 5. Cthulu Charm, 6. Cthulu Jewelry Box, 7. Cthulhu calling shirt, 8. Santa Squid

Here are some cute and cuddly looking Cthulhus from a previous post..

Crafty Cthulhus from around flickr
1. bibby, 2. Nifer Fahrion / NifNaks, 3. Hello Cthulu applique, 4. cthulhu2, 5. Day 12 – Clay Cthulhu, 6. cute blue guy, 7. Cthulhu de Fimo, 8. cthulhu_cutie

And you might remember this as well.. Cthulhu serving squid, one of my ‘vintage’ ad posters… I guess I’m guilty too!
A Faux Vintage Poster - Cthulhu Advertising Squid