Dabbled April Fool Contest Winners!!

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We had some great entries this time. The judges votes are in, and I’m proud to present our winners to you!

1. Van Gogh’s Severed Ear Earring Holder from Tissue Papers

Not only is it a ultra-cool idea, a little creepy, and quite useful, she also created an Instructable so that we can all make our own!

2. Foolish Fish from furrybees
April Fool's Fish
How pretty and clever, and a great story about what makes these fish April Fool related. And a tutorial on how to make them!

3. The Golden Goose from little arty crafty crow
Dullhead detail
To quote a judge, “The craftsmanship of this piece is amazing. The fact that’s based on a fairy tale is cool, and I enjoyed that she shared a little bit of the information she learned when she researched the story.” More pictures at her post.

Winners, please email me to claim your prize! dot at dabbled.org
Thanks to all for playing, and if you missed this one, stay tuned, we’ll have another one… minimally there will definitely be one for Halloween!

Also check out these other entries:
April Fools prank photo from Rabadjalamoukere
Cute little fool from Miss Froggie
Hello I’m Sally’s too funny description of her attempt to make an april fools dish
(Late entry) Post It Note prank video: http://view.break.com/481311

A special thanks to our illustrious judges: Lenore from Evil Mad Scientist, Alice of Futuregirl and kathreen of Whip Up!

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  • futuregirl [] :

    Everyone that entered was great! Thanks for inviting me to judge. It was fun to be a part of this contest. :)

  • BlackCrow [] :

    Thank you Dabbled and thank you judges. I like making things more than I like writting about them, plus my spelling sucks. So this is a good way to practice by having others look and read about your work. Tissue Papers’Van Goghs ear’ is certainly unique, Furry Bee’s ‘Foolish Fish looks absolutely lovely.

  • Hello, I'm Sally. [] :

    Great picks! Thanks for the fun and the nod. I’m already scheming about the Halloween contest.

  • Tissuepaper [] :

    Thank you to all of the judges -Blackcrow I love you golden goose so much it is truly amazing, and Furry Bee’s Foolish Fish are wonderful!