A Dabbled Re-run – Henri the Hexapus Tutorial

While Dot is off remembering why she thinks ‘roughing it’ is a hotel without room service, you get a repeat of a project you might have missed!

Henri is a fun little puppet made out of recycled sweater sleeves – more on Henri here.. If you liked the hand drawn tutorial for the Monster Wreath, you might like this too!

Click through to see/download the full size instructions.

Materials needed:
Two coordinating sweaters, felted. 1 sleeve from each.
Felt for eyes
Buttons (if you’re up for the fun of sewing on all those suckers!)
Embroidery thread
I sewed everything but the embellishments on the machine.

Prototype Henri:
Henri, the Octo-puppet

This can be modified to do a stuffed toy rather than a puppet by simply stuffing the head fully, and then sewing up the secondary sweater where the legs meet.

If you try him, please let me see your results, and you can post to the Dabbled flickr group : http://www.flickr.com/groups/dabbled/