“Don’t Blink” Treetopper (and more awesomely geeky/crafty Dr. Who links)

Dr Who Don't Blink Angel TreetopperDude!  Totally love this nerdy DIY Don’t Blink Angel treetopper by The Domestic Scientist!  For the non-Dr. Who fans, this is the reference to the weeping angels.

Although I’m not really sure Dr. Who is nerdy anymore now with the modern Doctors. Old school Dr. Who is still nerdy, but I never got into that – I must admit I just love the new stuff (I started watching with Eccleston, and adored Tennant, and now Smith is just too much fun!)

Renee says:

From I made her out of Paper Clay. Best stuff EVAR! The first time I used it in making Bianca for Dragon*Con it was really fun, but I didn’t quite understand the potential it had! Underneath the clay is a skeleton of Styrofoam and wire. And a rather silly M&M Mini’s tube in the middle to keep her strong on top of the tree. But hey, I’m recycling! Here are some other, closer shots of it.

Want more DIY ideas?

And check out this Dr. Who themed birthday party.  Awesome ideas including a truly ‘bigger on the inside’ Tardis, party activities such as making bowties (because bowties are cool!) and sonic screwdrivers, and Dalek party favor bags.