Download: Set of Christmas Gift Tags!

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Here is a simple set of Christmas themed gift tags for you (made with some of the images from the Little Game Box from friday). It’s also my Illustration Friday for “Undone”, since these will just be thrown away when the wrappings are undone, but they are cute while they last!


To Download as PDF: Gifttags-2009-Dabbledorg
To get from Flickr: Go to Flickr, then choose All Sizes

Like these?

You can download all the images to make your own little Game Box, a cute homemade stocking stuffer!
the Little Game Box

Happy Holidays everyone!

Download: Set of Christmas Gift Tags!
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4 Comment(s) »

  • elizabeth [] :

    These are nice! Good energy.

  • Nancy Bea [] :

    These are cute, thank you! How generous! (Wishing I had some old altoid tins now…can you do this again at Easter?)

  • megacrafty [] :

    These are so cute- I love the illustrations! And if you print your own gift tags they can be recycled after the holiday- unlike most of the conventional sticker/metallic tags.

  • dot [] (author) :

    thanks all!

    the little game box isn’t really for christmas per se, but yeah, remind me and i’ll do few new illos at Easter and re-publish it!