Dragon*con Loot!

Procrastinating going to go draw something *myself*, so I thought I’d share some of the cool art I got at dragon*con.

Watercolor Robot made for me by Gus Fink
I requested a watercolor robot from Gus Fink.

Edgy Eft - by Meg Lyman
Nifty little gouache lizard from Meg Lyman. I loved her cephalopods too.

Not art, but I did spring for a Bun-Bun plushie at the Sluggy Freelance table :)

Dragon*con Pics

*note: Several people have mentioned this about Gus Fink, so I thought I’d add it: “After Dragon-con, his car was loaded up with all his Families luggage and such, someone broke into his car and stole it all, including all the money that he made that weekend, $3,000+.” So if you like Gus’s work, go buy something!!