Fabulous Flowers (Win a copy for yourself!)

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The lovely people at Klutz sent me a copy of their fun little craft book, Fabulous Flowers, to check out, and I get to pass along some of that goodness to you!

And in the true spirit of Dabbled, I have made myself a paper flower from the book so I can give you the full scoop.  That’s down below the contest, so read on…

It’s basically a bunch of easy to create paper flowers, with instructions and supplies all included.  Except for scissors, you really don’t need anything else.  The flower shapes are all pre-cut, making it much easier for kids (or adults without much patience, like me!) to get right to the creation process, without spending so much time on prep work.

All in all, it would be a great gift for a someone who’d like to craft, but who is a little intimidated to try things like this on their own.  The techniques are well explained and documented step by step.  It does require some patience, as you have to glue pieces together, but the paper cutouts are a great headstart in putting the flowers together.  It also encourages creativity, as it gives you different ideas for putting them together in different ways–not tying you to following everything step by step if you want to play around.  I could totally see this as a great gift for a tween aged girl.

It also gave me some cool ideas for other projects I could do, not necessarily from the book, using the techniques provided!

The Contest!

So, I have two copies to give away to you, my lovely readers (at least those with US/Canada mailing addresses).  I’d love to use this as an opportunity to learn from you guys, so to enter, just leave a comment with an interesting fact about yourself, or why you like to read Dabbled.  For an extra entry, tweet about this to your friends (I’m @dotatdabbled), share it on facebook, and/or go Like our Facebook Page.  It’s totally honor system–because you guys are honest, I know–, so just let me know in the comments which extra entries you did.

My Attempt:

Bottom line, the directions were easy to follow, and even though I did mine pretty ‘quick and dirty’, it still came out looking pretty nifty!

About the Book

Let your creativity bloom with this book of can’t-go-wrong instructions for life-sized, dimensional, paper blossoms inspired by our favorite flowers: roses, daisies, daffodils, hibiscus, zinnias, cosmos, poppies, and larkspur. Sparkly embellishments, fresh paper colors, whimsical design variations, and a custom shaping tool give these blossoms a twist that’s pure Klutz — and quite possibly, even prettier than the real thing.

As always, Klutz has packaged the book with everything you need to get started: 20 pages of ready-to-punch-out paper petals, sparkly flower centers, wrapped wire stems, glue, and of course, the custom winding tool — enough stuff to make bunches of flowers.

Ages 8+   $19.99

So, see the details above and enter to win your own!  Open to US/Canada mailing addresses only.


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  • Diana Evans [] :

    oh this book looks like it would be so much fun!!!! I just made some cool tissue paper flowers last weekend!!! and it was a blast!!!

    I want to win this!!!!!

  • Diana Evans [] :

    Just retweeted!!!

  • Lauren [] :

    Ooooh. Something interesting about me……….
    I can play harmonica. Sort of.
    Enter me!

  • Julianne [] :

    Interesting fact about me: I am recently engaged and am trying to plan a DIY-friendly, non-princess style Disney World wedding for Spring 2013! :-D

    Oh.. And I will be re-tweeting right after this post! Hope I win! :-)

  • Julianne Arcario [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    Win a cute paper flower making book! http://t.co/3wxnaPD ..only 2 entries thus far, so you have a good chance :)

  • Ellie [] :

    An interesting fact about me is that I once almost died trying to climb Stone Mountain while being passed by whole families with young children and strollers! ;)

    I also tweeted about it!

    Seriously, though, that looks like a lot of fun. I’ve been searching for a good crafty thing I can do with a friend of mine to celebrate her birthday (she’s super into arty stuff). I really hope I win!

  • Ellie [] :

    Er, I tweeted about the Fabulous Flowers. Not Stone Mountain. I don’t know if Twitter was even around back then. Now I feel old.

  • Nicole Maki [] :

    Interesting fact about me… I’m 5″2 and rarely wear heels yet everyone thinks I’m at least 5″5. And no. I don’t have big hair. Supposedly I “project much taller” … whatever that means.

    Thanks for the chance to win :-)

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Moving over the entries that were posted in the wrong place..
    christina jackson said:

    thank you so much for the chance to win! about me? hmmm. i love funky music, finds and furnishings! LOL
    # 21 July 2011 at 8:59 am

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Moving over the entries that were posted in the wrong place..
    Kristie said:

    Oh that looks like a neat book! As for an interesting fact about me is that I spin my own yarn that I dye with kool-aid!
    # 21 July 2011 at 9:17 am

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Moving over the entries that were posted in the wrong place..
    Kelly said:

    Very neat book! Interesting fact about me – I dream about building a house like Hogwarts (much smaller though) complete with secrete passageways and making my inlaws and mother move in with me so I can watch over them (not in a creepy way- they are just getting older).

  • Kathleen [] :

    It looks like a fun book! Some odd thing about me: I hand sewed a wedding dess and vail for a real chicken. It was to take a picture of her all dressed up!

  • Irien [] :

    Looks so cute! My interesting tidbit was brought to mind by Kelly’s entry: I’ve made a few Victorian dollhouses from scratch, complete with secret passages between fireplaces, hidden rooms behind false bookshelves, etc- one had a tiny ghost haunting the attic that would move on a hidden pulley system. Not historically accurate, but definitely fun!

  • Heidi Blunt [] :

    Interesting fact: I saved a caterpillar this morning that was being attacked by an ant.

  • Marsanne [] :

    Interesting fact? Hmm… I work at a vet’s office but when I’m not at work, I hate for dogs to be touching me! It’s ok at work, though. :)

  • Christian [] :

    Cool book, looks like a lot of fun. Great for me, also, since these flowers won’t whither away under my care!

  • Dot [] (author) :

    From Facebook:
    Christina Jackson thank you! :)
    July 21 at 8:59am · Like

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