A few cool inspiration links…

First, I had to point out the nifty faux-foodstuffs (cute little cookies and cakes!)that carrieme did

I also just added Bitter Betty to my feedreader… nifty stuff!

Bleeding Heart Cupcakes at yumsugar. So perfectly AntiValentines! (via Craft)

Speaking of AntiValentines – this could be useful for next year! Stamp your own messages on Candy Hearts – Evil Mad Scientist

I love these simple little turtles on Craft Addiction.

And I need to make some mittens for The Boy. Maybe I should make a set of 6 so I can keep replacing the ones he loses. Cool tutorial at whip-up!

And thanks to Robyn at Craft & Found for her spotlight on Dabbled! She does some great links over there, so check it out :)