Finished Dragon Cake…

(Thanks Neatorama, Craftzine, and others for the link love! .. The Thank You notes and Invites are now available for download here. 6/11: Full blown Tutorial is on making the cake is Posted!! -Dot)

Here it is! Pretty darn close to my vision (he does look like the Party Invite, right?), and wow! LOVE it. The “How To” will be coming next week (edit: it’s here!), when I have time to do a good writeup… Right now I’m just covered in cake batter and icing!

Dragon Cake - preview!

Dragon Cake - multi view

I ‘live blogged’ my baking day today at Twitter, so if you’re interested in some of the interim stuff, and can’t wait for the tutorial, you can see more there: Dot’s Twitter

And I’ll also have the tutorial for the Dragon Wings (quick and dirty capes for party favors) next week, too.