Yummy food links..and the new food blog

Happy Saturday! I snuck in a little hint yesterday, but I guess I should officially announce that we’re launching the new team food blog, Foodwhirl.com, in 2 weeks! We’ve got a great team collected to bring you a bunch of neat perspectives on food, and the answers to that ultimate question of “What’s for Dinner?”! We have a temporary welcome page there now, where you can sign up for our RSS feed, and find links to our Facebook, Twitter and Flickr Group, too.

Foodwhirl’s already active on Twitter and Facebook, collecting some yummy food related links for you

@Foodwhirl on Twitter:

  • How to make Candy Gems on marthastewart.com http://ow.ly/11Sr9 (of course, you’ll need special molds, but still!)
  • Too funny… Make your own iSandwich 4G (via @craft) http://ow.ly/11RZq
  • This looks yummy! Beef bites with three dipping sauces at @chicaandjo http://ow.ly/11RUV
  • S’more Cupcakes! Now that’s taking it up a notch :) http://www.bakerella.com/smore-or-less/
  • I might have to try this — How to make Focaccia ..at Talk of Tomatoes http://ow.ly/11S39 Bread is one of those things I never make!
  • Hot Cocoa Treats · Edible Crafts at CraftGossiphttp://ow.ly/11Snx The cutest little boats that float in your hot cocoa! (via @notmartha)
  • mmm..These bourbon glazed wings look yummy at @brownies4dinnerhttp://tinyurl.com/yj3q35o (& Patricia is part of the @foodwhirl group!)

From Foodwhirl’s new Facebook Page (go be a Fan!)

I’ll keep you guys posted!