Launches Today!

Whoohoo!  The new team food blog,, officially launches today!  It’s taken about a month for me to assemble this great team, and design and build the site, and now it’s ready for prime time… go check it out…

Since I can’t say it any better than the About page, here’s what the site is all about:

A little while ago, we had the idea to pull together real cooks like ourselves–who have lives and families, but still want to be creative and fun in the kitchen–and ponder the answer to that eternal question… “What’s for Dinner??” So we found some cool cooks, with different kinds of households, with different types of expertise–with the goal of pooling our inspiration & creativity, providing a resource to like minded cooks, and building a community!

This is not just another recipe site… You know, a like big bank of recipes for you to look up how to cook something (we’ve got Google for that, right?). No, this is a dynamic work in progress, where we’ll be sharing our ideas, recipes, and tips as we go along using them ourselves!

What will you find here? Here’s a little taste…

What’s for Dinner?: The inspiration for this website was to answer that eternal question. We’re here to help you with meal ideas, from creative, to fun, to healthy, to easy, to romantic, to kid-friendly!

Mains and Sides: We’re collecting Recipes and How-to’s for all kinds of dishes… from breakfast, to lunch, to dinner, to midnight snacks! Stay tuned for lots from our team, and also some special guests we have lined up to share their creations. (Think you have what it takes to be a Foodwhirl Guest Writer? Contact Us.)

Sweet Treats: Pies, cakes, cookies, candy, and everything in between. Maybe something traditional, other times unusual, but always interesting and tasty!

Spotlight: Our favorite recipe picks from around the web. (Click here to Submit A Site to the Spotlight!)

Techniques: A key to being a more effective cook is knowing how to do the little things that make up a great dish. In this section we cover the simple, like how to slice an onion, to the more complex, like making homemade pasta.

Entertaining: Throwing a party? Whether it’s a giant shindig or a intimate dinner party, We have drinks, appetizers & other party food, as well as theme party ideas and recipes!

Shopping & Planning: These days, everyone is on a budget–and planning ahead is a great way to spend your money more effectively…. we’ll cover things like plan and shop for a week’s worth of food and what to make from it, shopping and food buying techniques,

Seasonal/Holiday: Any holiday is a great excuse for being creative in the kitchen. We love to try the new and interesting to help you celebrate, as well as introducing you to the old classics, with maybe a modern twist or two!