Foodwhirl Wants You!

I’ve been coding my little heart out for the past week adding some new functionality to our group food blog,  I’ve been wanting to add some new functionality to make it easier for you guys to submit your own recipes, and submit links to your food related posts.

Recipe Links:

Well, I think we’re about ready with the first part of the process…  So go try out the “Submit your Recipe Link” – which will let you submit a link to a food related post you’ve already published on your own blog.  So, if you blog, and you think you’ve posted an awesome recipe, technique, cake, or something else food related, now’s your chance to get it featured on Foodwhirl.

Just go here:

If you like, you can register for a logon on Foodwhirl, and see the status of what you’ve submitted, but it’s not necessary.  [It’s nice to be able to see the status because it emails when a post is published, but not necessarily when it’s approved and scheduled at this point, and it may be a little while before we post it on the site if there is a backlog…]

Do let me know if you have any feedback on how the process works… we’ve tested it a bit this week, but there could still be some things that need clarifying or don’t work quite right.

Publish a Recipe on Foodwhirl:

Speaking of testing, we’re also almost ready to go with the new Submit a Recipe functionality, too!  So if you don’t have a blog, or don’t blog about food stuff, or just want to participate, you can submit your recipe to be posted on Foodwhirl.  It’s only for simpler recipes right now, with 1 photo (not the multi-step photo recipes we sometimes have), and it’s still in testing… so we need some guinea pigs!

So, if you’d like to submit a recipe to Foodwhirl, email and we’ll give you the details–I don’t want to put the link out publicly yet, since it’s still being worked on…