Get Creative with The Lorax: The Truffula Tree-Shirt!

I’ve always adored The Lorax, it was probably my favorite Dr. Suess book when I was little.  And what really captured my imagination as a kid were those fabulous Truffula Trees, looking like cotton candy on a stick!

So when I was invited to participate in the blog tour in promotion of the new movie coming out (in theaters March 2nd. Visit the official site for the movie preview, pictures, downloads and more!) I couldn’t resist doing a project featuring those wonderful trees.

The Truffula Tree-Shirt!

This is a simple “Freezer Paper Stencil” project. Just print out the stencil I’m providing, and follow the directions below. Any color will work for your truffula poofs, I choose Tangerine here.  Click on any of the below images to see them larger or as a slideshow.  Click Here for the Stencil.


  • Tshirt (I used black)
  • Cutting Mat & razor knife
  • Freezer Paper
  • Fabric Paint (I used cream and tangerine on a black shirt)
  • Sponge brush
  • Iron
  • Printer to print out your stencil

Preparing the Stencil:

  • First, open the attached pdf and print out your stencil.
  • Place the stencil under your freezer paper, you should still be able to see the stencil through the paper.
  • Attach the paper to your freezer paper and cutting mat to keep it in place.
  • If desired, you can trace around the image with pencil – I just skip that and go straight to the knife!
  • Carefully cut along the outside of the image with your knife.  Remember, the important part is the not the image, but the white space itself!
  • Remove the image, discard the original paper, and you now have your truffula tree stencil.

Place the Stencil.

  • Heat up your iron on medium.
  • Place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt to keep the paint from bleeding through.
  • Attach the stencilI lined up the bottom of my Truffula image (the ground) with the bottom seam of my tshirt.
  • You can clip the image to keep it in place.
  • Carefully use the iron to adhere the image correctly to your tshirt.  It’s a little hard to work with this complex a stencil, so take your time. Once you’re sure everything is in place, iron the stencil in place on the tshirt.


  • Carefully dab your paint onto the t-shirt areas showing through your stencil.  I decided that with this dark a shirt, I would do all of the tree in cream first, including the puff.  Let dry, then apply additional paint if needed.  I found several light coats works best.
  • Once your base coat is dry, apply the color to the top of your trees.  You’ll need to be careful where the trunk meets the fluffy part – use a small paintbrush if needed (I just was very careful with the tip of my sponge brush).  Apply a second coat if needed.
  • Let dry, then carefully peel off your stencil. The paint doesn’t have to be totally dry, but if it’s not, you’ll have to be very careful when removing.
  • Touch up any areas if necessary, then let dry thoroughly.
Give to a cute kid, and enjoy!

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Thanks to Universal Pictures for sponsoring this post!  I hope you all enjoy the project…