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A few quick links for you, to get your day going!

Love this nautilus by The Book Collector’s Wife!  It’s on my list of cool cephalopods!

Cool chess sets at Dudecraft

5 weird things I learned at culinary school at Talk of Tomatoes

Blade Runner death scene done in Legos (Blade Runner remains one of my fave all time movies.  Right up there with The Princess Bride) (via Great White Snark)

Cute redone side table into play stove... love the creative re-use!  (Previous play stove posts here and here)

Twittered this week:

And… anyone want to give me feedback on a new site I’m designing for a client?  It’s all just test data out there right now (like no prices or anything) but how does it look?

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  • Amy C [] :

    that nautilus is adorable.
    Love the site you are working on, its so clean and fresh and I like the springgy colors

  • Tammy [] :

    Awesome links!!
    Thanks for having these up here, enjoying visiting the pages.
    Blade Runner is also one of my top favorite movies – I was skeptical when you pointed to a LEGO makeover of that scene, but it was good!

    and those birdie remakes may have me looking at dollar store decorations next time I’m in the shop.