IF: Wise (aka Poppieees)

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Here’s a sketch I did for Illustration Friday this week. I call it Poppieees (you have to say it in that Wicked Witch voice.) We just finished reading the Wizard of Oz
(all 20 something chapters) to The Boy for his bedtime story for the past few weeks.

Oh, and artists, I’m doing a Holiday Card Art Show/contest here on Dabbled, hope you’ll join!

The scarecrow was wise, he knew they must keep moving…
Click thru to see larger – Color version is below.

Now with nifty Color!
Poppies with color

Prints available here

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  • Teri C [] :

    This is so adorable and really perfect for ‘wise’.

  • Rrramone [] :

    And he had the wisdom all along…

  • yoon see [] :

    Yeah, the wisdom just come naturally:)
    Hope you have the time to colour this gorgeous piece, even without colour also have so much to tell:)

  • moverlow [] :

    What a great drawing. How simple and wise! Great take on the topic.

  • Crafting with Cat Hair [] :

    So very cute! That was always my favorite part of the movie, for some strange reason.

    Will you be doing any other children’s books? Maybe Alice in Wonderland next? :)

  • Dot [] :

    thanks for the nice words!
    Yeah, alice in wonderland would be fun to do :)

  • Joseph Lee [] :

    Great sketch! Fun stuff!

  • theartofpuro [] :

    lovely sketch,love the wizard of Oz

  • Michael O'Connell [] :

    absolutely beautiful work…